April 23rd - 27th 2015

2015 Spring Trifecta Regional Conference Phoenix AZ

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Mobility & Recreation

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Specializing in only products for the LP community, we strive to meet those specific needs. We build custom office and classroom chairs for all ages. Much more is available so check us out!

From Someone Who Changed My Life!

Kalina’s tricycle arrived on December 22, 2011.  We could have waiting for Christmas but we really wanted her to have it so we opened it that evening. 

The first thing Kalina said when she saw her bike (that is what she calls it) was, “Now I can keep up with my friends.” 

That smile says it all.

2016 National Conference

Boston, MA

July 3rd - 9th 2015

2015 LPA

National Conference

St. Louis, MO

Whats New!

There is nothing better in life than freedom and mobility! It is our goal to help provide that to the LP community in any age group or special need. Check out our array of different creations for life!

We are never done creating and pushing the boundaries of what we can do. We always welcome feedback and new ideas for the needs of the LP community. Please partner with us to help create what you need!

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