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I met Mike Evans, a little person extraordinaire, very dear friend and roommate, while acquiring my engineering degree at California State University of Long Beach. From the moment I met Mike, a lifelong pledge emerged in me—to aid the comfort and enjoyment of little people worldwide. Though no longer with us Mike was, and will remain, my inspiration.

Recently, I was asked to design and build a trike for one of my wife’s pre-school students. The custom built trike was received by its new little owner with such enthusiasm—as one who could finally ride rather than just watch other children do so—that my resolve for designing all that ‘little people’ could hope for increased ten fold.

Since the unveiling of this first trike, I have been asked to design and build many more. Though is quite time consuming to build a custom designed cycle, with the need for personalized measurements and accoutrements, I will be available for your personal order. Please contact me for order information.

My name is Nathan Hooper and my company is ME & Hoops Custom Creations, proud to offer custom riding equipment, furniture, household comforts and toys, dedicated solely for ‘little people’. If you can think of it, I vow to design and build it.

Founded: 2009

Owner: Nathan W. Hooper

Credentials: Civil Engineer, Advanced Mechanical and Electrical Comprehension


Areas of expertise:  Mechanical Drawing, CAD, 3D Rendering, Conceptual Innovation, Modeling, Welding, Graphic Design, As Built and Quick Study